Lead Generation

Leads for business act as a catalyst for the growth of the business and it can be considered as oxygen of business body which means it is highly essential for a business to grow in the market. Earlier leads were generated by door to door marketing, by cold calling and other tricks. However, at present things and world both have been changed now internet is the world and you need to be present on internet to boost your business, similarly internet and different tricks are used to generate leads. Online lead generation is the way to show your business, product or service to a bulk people by several means like email marketing, social media marketing, text messages, WhatsApp messages, YouTube marketing and lots of others.

Let us help get customers to your business


This era is data driven and you must be accurate while targeting your customers and at this point Inesh does the right thing for you, we gather data which is precisely belongs to your business and show your offers, products and services to them according to your niche so that maximum users may revert back or may show interest and which would act as a lead. So, the theory is so simple that offering your services or products to right users results into lead generation which we at Inesh understands and the value of your money. “Happy you Happy us”.

Once a lead is generated you must be perfect to pitch your sales in best effective way with the best prices so that you may get the client. So only generation of lead does not mean you have got the business.

Online ways to generate or create a lead which are:

Email Marketing

Users land at your website by organic way or by any other method, he/she finds a form there which describes to fill user name, contact number and email ID once he does that you have his/her email ID and other details in your database which you can use to send or market your business, product or service with best possible offers.

Social Media Marketing

Platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, twitter, Instagram, Quora and lots of others where the whole world is spending most of the time from 24 hours. Few years ago, these platforms were used only for social connections but now they have also emerged as marketing platform for your business and by using the right strategies users are getting mind blowing results in the form of leads at these platforms

Video Marketing

Your website must be mobile friendly otherwise pay the panda penalty.

Platforms which can provide good results if done in a right way:

Bulk messaging
Bulk messaging at WhatsApp
Outbound calls
SEO, PPC & Affiliate marketing

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